Get Better Translations

Use your previously translated documents to build a translation system that respects your domain-specific terminology and style, better than a generic translation system. Hub supports TMX, XLIFF, TXT, HTML, DOCX, XLSX and PDF document formats. Make use of Microsoft's vast language knowledge in addition to your own documents.

Securely translate anytime, anywhere

Dictionaries and translation systems built with the Hub are available through a cloud-based, high performance, highly scalable translation service that powers billions of translations every day. Your system can be seamlessly accessed and integrated into any product or business workflow, and on any device, via the Microsoft Translator Text API, which is available in REST.

Build a system that knows your business lingo

Enterprises and language service providers can build translation systems that understand the terminology used in their own business and industry. This will enable more appropriate and better translation than generic translation systems can provide. Your customized system will then easily integrate into your existing applications, workflows and websites, across multiple types of devices, using the regular Microsoft Translator API, by using the category parameter.

Build translation systems for native and endangered languages

Governments, universities and language preservation communities can use the Hub to build translation systems between any pair of languages, including languages not yet supported by Microsoft Translator, and reduce communication barriers. With communications gaps removed, communities are empowered and business can serve their people. A new language can be easily kick-started and then improved over time with the support of an involved community regularly contributing to enriching the translation system.

Seamless integration across your organization’s workflows

Translations from your custom translation systems built in the Hub can be securely used in your organization workflows via the Microsoft Translator Text API across any number of products and services, from Microsoft, 3rd parties, or your own custom development.

Global web presence

Drive your business, your brand and your customer communications globally with a secure, scalable and reliable machine translation service. With the proliferation of digital content, Microsoft Translator allows to you move into emerging markets or support online forums and communities faster while reducing costs. Made available through the cloud-based, high-performance, machine translation service, Microsoft Translator powers billions of translations every day while keeping your data private.

Build a system to get customized translations

This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to build a custom translation system using your previously translated documents. The Hub User guide and the Translator API guide provide the steps for building and deploying a customized translation system. Then use your Microsoft Translator subscription to access the deployed system via the Microsoft Translator API.

Hub User Guide
Translator API Guide